Code brings your design to life

Standalone custom WordPress theme development.  Standalone custom WordPress theme development. 

You receive a complete custom WordPress theme. No parent themes or framework dependencies to install and keep up-to-date. As a result, your theme won’t be at risk of suddenly being out of date due to a change made elsewhere.

Optimized for speed.  Optimized for speed. 

All WordPress themes are developed using modern best practices and to the standards visitors have come to expect:

  • Compressed, high-quality images
  • Deferred and asynchronously-loaded javascripts
  • Lazy-loaded assets
  • Responsive, mobile-first layouts

This all adds up to a website that loads and responds quickly to your visitors.

Content is king. It’s also accessible to visitors and search engines.  Content is king. It’s also accessible to visitors and search engines. 

What good is a website that looks amazing, but makes the content hard to read? I’ve been making websites by putting content in front of search engines for 10 years and was an early adopter of semantic coding.

By sticking to these principals, the final website content will jump out at visitors and search engines alike. After all, it’s what they’re there for, right?

Coding expertise with a designer’s eye.  Coding expertise with a designer’s eye. 

In addition to providing clean markup as a WordPress developer, I have formal training as a designer. I understand the reasoning behind the decisions you’ve made in your design process. Moreover, we’ll speak the same language throughout the development process.

Your name on the final product.  Your name on the final product. 

As an independent contractor, I won’t be competing with you for billing on your design. Instead, we’re in this together to provide the best custom WordPress theme possible.

Support for designers and small agencies who rock at design.

Your clients know you as the best designer they’ve worked with. Adding WordPress theme development services would help grow your business, but your time is maxed out doing what you already know inside and out.

By partnering with a WordPress developer, you keep your cred as the design expert. In addition, you expand the services you are able to provide your customers. They keep coming to you, and you keep providing excellent service to meet their needs.

Outsourcing WordPress theme development benefits you and your clients:

  • Expand your services without learning a whole new area of expertise.
  • High-quality markup optimized for speed.
  • Accessibility for visitors and search engines.
  • Pain-free development process—nothing lost in translation.
  • Complete access throughout development.
  • One point of contact—your client remains your client.
Homepage of the Cary150 website
The Cary150 website was designed by Digital P Media and built on a completely custom WordPress theme designed to work with the Divi pagebuilder.

Need development support for your team?

My clients aren’t exactly “big”—won’t adding a second contractor price us out of range?

On the contrary, your clients come to you because they trust and respect your expertise in the field. Similar to working with a printer to produce the final design product, adding a developer to your trusted network allows you to continue providing outstanding designs to your clients.

In addition, I can work with most budget restraints without sacrificing the quality of the final result. Moreover, payment plans are available—especially if we build a lasting working relationship.

Last, the added value of continuing to work with you carries weight when your clients consider their project budgets.

How it works:

  • We establish a price list that meets your client’s needs.
  • Your client hires you.
  • Your team works through the design process.
  • Approved designs are sent over.
  • Development begins, including QA testing.
  • Updates are sent through the entire process.
  • You and your client approve the final product.
  • We go live!

Set up a call to discuss your development needs today!

All consults and estimates are provided free of charge and you will have the final say before any paid work begins.