Delegate your WordPress website management to a design and development professional.

You understand the importance of website maintenance for your WordPress website, but are looking for more than a basic monthly update that keeps your website afloat. Maybe you have campaigns that need to run on a tight schedule. Or, you want to take advantage of A/B testing to really maximize the effectiveness of your landing pages. Perhaps you are too busy running your business and finding the time to stay consistent is a struggle.

Whatever the reason, I am here for you with a full-service management and maintenance option to help you run your WordPress website effectively and keep it up-to-date, safe, and optimized.

My role is not just about getting your website live, but keeping it working toward your goals.

In addition to all the benefits of a WordPress basic maintenance package, you will have access to my full suite of services as they apply to managing your website. You will have less limitations and more freedom to make not just the updates your website needs, but the ones your business desires.

Benefits of the WordPress website maintenance and management package are:

  • Everything included in the WordPress basic maintenance plan. Your website will receive all the routine updates, pre-launch checks, speed audits, and analytics reports that are provided as part of basic maintenance.
  • Assistance with page creation and content scheduling.
  • One-stop campaign management and asset creation. Your campaign graphics will be managed in a single location, including but not limited to versions created for social media, email newsletters, and print advertising in addition to what appears directly on your website. 
  • Access to run A/B testing of landing pages. Don’t just assume your landing pages are converting. Make adjustments and test them on your audience in real time.
  • Can be paid monthly or annually—whatever works with your budget. Website maintenance and management should not break the bank. Plans are priced for the average small- to mid-size business in mind and break down to a manageable monthly subscription.
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Continued support to reach your long-term website goals.

Your website was not built in a day. It took time as you declared and refined your goals, worked out the navigation and organization of the website, went through rounds of revisions with the design team, and then tested the developed prototype. These stages all prepared your website for launch in very important ways. The only way they couldn’t prepare your website is knowing exactly how your audience will respond.

As in business, meeting your long-term website goals is a process. I understand that and provide WordPress site management and maintenance to keep your website moving forward in that process. I not only have 15+ years of website design and development experience, but co-existing traditional advertising and graphic design expertise. WordPress site maintenance and management draws on all of my past experience to provide you with a well-rounded website manager who makes your company’s goals the top priority.

Website maintenance and management includes:

  • Complete backup of your WordPress website—files and database content. Your backups are stored on your website’s server by default, or in another location of your choice.
  • Manual updates made in a staging environment. No “blind” or automatic updates, and never any updates made directly to your live public website. You will have access to the staging website for full review prior to relaunch.
  • Website speed audits, image compression and asset maintenance. All images uploaded to your WordPress Media Library will be scanned and reduced in size, without any visible loss in quality. Your website will also be assessed for page load times, and recommendations followed carefully to keep your website loading as quickly as possible.
  • Routine monitoring of Google Analytics resulting in curated recommendations. Your website statistics will be reviewed a total of four (4) times throughout the year to track visitor trends and goals. You will receive a curated report that includes recommendations on how to improve performance.
  • Landing page creation, design and development updates. You have access to a designer and developer for ten (10) working hours each month to work with your brand as it relates to your website as you see fit, including accompanying graphics for use in promotion.
  • Option to run A/B or split testing on your website’s landing pages with Google Optimize. Compare different versions of the same page to maximize interactions from the existing visitors to your website.
  • Gradual modernization to keep your website in line with current best practices and standards. Your website evolves as online technology does, reducing redesigns caused by website aging.
  • Full delegation of website management. In addition to traditional website development, I’ll assist with updates that can be made through the WordPress dashboard.
  • Full ownership of all materials created on behalf of your website. You own the rights to everything created under the umbrella of WordPress site maintenance and management outright.
  • Special pricing for small business owners and professional individuals. Savings available to help those just getting started!

Plans available for $600/month or $6,480/year*

Save 10% off the monthly rate when you pay for a full year upfront!

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*Average pricing for medium-sized business and agencies looking to outsource. Small business owners and professional individuals qualify for special pricing.