Protect your website against hackers, outdated technology and general neglect.

Do you use a “set it and forget it” approach with your website? If that’s the case, then your website and its reputation are at risk. Website maintenance minimizes this risk with tested updates, website backups, and more.

Can you protect your website from these common issues?

  • Outdated plugins and themes create major security loopholes that hackers can exploit.
  • Automatic (or “blind”) updates on your live website lead to “broken” pieces.
  • Untested but popular browser versions and screen sizes show visitors unoptimized designs.
  • Old images, pages, and code left unchecked become a heavy load that weighs on your website’s hosting server.

Monthly website maintenance keeps your site safe, fast and current.

Remove the stress of keeping your website secure, lightweight and modern. You won’t feel the panic of your website suddenly “breaking,” or the frustration of lost visitors due to long download times. And did I mention it’s affordable for even small- to midsize business owners?

As a result, your website performs more consistently and reliably for your visitors.

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Committed to the best user experience possible.

Long-term website neglect doesn’t break your website in a day. Rather, it lurks behind the scenes until it makes a sudden impact. Don’t wait until your website needs a quick fix. Take action today to preserve your website and its reputation with visitors.

Website maintenance provides the technical support your website needs. Overall management of your content remains in your hands. As your developer, I take care of the rest. Above all, maintains keeps your website secure, load times fast, and stress level low.

Take action today, avoid issues down the road.

Website maintenance packages include:

  • Complete backup of your WordPress website. Restore your website from any prior release at any time. Minimize data loss with backups scheduled every month vs. “when we remember” (or never!).
  • Manual updates made in a staging environment. Every update, no matter how minor, is done on a private copy of your website hidden from visitors. Testing ensures complete compatibility before any update goes live.
  • Website speed audits, file compression and asset maintenance. Files and media assets are losslessly compressed while code is kept clean. Your website loads as fast as (or faster than!) the day it launched.
  • Routine monitoring of Google Analytics with goal-based recommendations. Your website statistics are reviewed a total of four (4) times throughout the year. Recommendations for improved performance based on the impact they’ll make.
  • Gradual modernization. Test browsers and screen resolutions used by your actual visitors. Your website evolves with modern web technology. Prevent redesigns due to outdated methods.
  • Landing page creation and minor development updates. Access to a developer for four (4) working hours each month. Requested updates made on your schedule. Need more in-depth website management? Check out the Website Maintenance & Management Package!
  • Special pricing for small business owners and professional individuals. Savings help those just getting started!

$240/month or $2,592/year*

Save 10% off the monthly rate when you pay for a full year upfront!

Is your website protected?

Request your website’s monthly maintenance below to get started. All requests replied to within 1 business day to discuss your website in more detail. As a result, you’ll receive an overview agreement outlining your website’s maintenance plan. All initial consultations and plan overviews are FREE and subject to your approval before we move forward.

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*Average price for medium-sized business and outsourcing agencies. Special pricing available for small business owners, professional individuals and prior clients.