Client’s Original

Screenshot of Pomarico Construction's original homepage design


Pomarico Construction is a well-known and respected name in NC custom homebuilding, but their outdated portfolio website was hard to navigate. Plus, they could not update content directly without knowing HTML.

Challenge Details

  • Pomarico Construction builds custom homes and serves a high-end market. Therefore, their website must show their range and craftsmanship to prospective clients.
  • New projects need to be added soon after completion.
  • Images are everything to a custom portfolio website and must both display beautifully and download quickly on all devices.
  • Modern websites must be easy to use, accessible and responsive.
  • Images need special care to be visible by search engines.

Solution Details

  • We built the the custom portfolio website on the WordPress CMS. That is why content editing is now easy and efficient.
  • Responsive design shows the best version of the website for the device visitors are using.
  • We used responsive image markup to optimize Pomarico Construction’s images. In other words, visitors download the right size image for their device, saving bandwidth.
  • In addition to space-saving optimization, image ALT tags are managed through the website Dashboard and show up on the front end. Images with ALT tags are now visible to search engines.
  • Galleries are organized by project and by feature. As a result, visitors navigate the site based on their needs. Whether searching for similar projects or browsing for overall inspiration, the portfolio experience is tailored to them.
  • Testimonials are featured in the design. So new visitors see their long-standing reputation.