The Challenge


Prepare Bandwidth for a corporate website redesign to better communicate their company culture online. First, design common UI elements and components to make them as unique as the company itself.

Challenge Details

  • Bandwidth is a B2B company whose audience includes tech-savvy product managers in and around San Francisco, CA. In other words, their corporate website design needs to toe the line between playful and serious.
  • Similarly, they need a color palette that is dynamic and electric like the company itself. Use their signature Bandwidth blue as a central starting point.
  • Above all, we must show the amazing user experience that is their hallmark.
  • In addition, photos, icons and typography must be recognizably unique to Bandwidth. Also, this must be true when used together and as standalone pieces.
  • Last, find or create graphics that visually represent Bandwidth as a network of providers.
  • In short, create a style guide that accurately shows the world who Bandwidth is. What does that look like as a corporate website design?

Solution Details

  • First, the logo’s typeface features as a dependable, classic paragraph font. Information is easy to read and predictably laid out.
  • Conversely, a similar yet quirky heading font brings a balanced contrast. The font was chosen because the ‘a’ figure creates a chat bubble shape. This serves a dual purpose as a visual icon and adding a fun Easter egg.
  • Second, the color palette was extended to create both visual harmony and stark contrast. Opportunities exist for both playful and sober combinations.
  • In addition, textures, patterns, buttons, gradients and photography showcase the range available with this color palette. Emotional weight, emphasis and familiarity are all produced.
  • Last, suggestions for how to piece these elements together reveal a clean corporate website design with deep, personal connection with its users.

Need support for your team?

How Bandwidth evolved this style guide into their NC corporate website design.

While it’s true this project on its own did not result in a direct website design, the guidelines provided here gave the in-house Bandwidth designers directions to explore as they found their brand’s identity. By working with an outside contractor early in the design process allowed them to view their brand through the lens of a potential customer.

In other words, the style guide was the first step in the design process fo their eventual corporate website design. Together, we worked through the more detail-oriented specifics to best represent the brand visually.

Support for your corporate website design team.

Bandwidth’s website redesign was a carefully calculated process determined to make choices that would provide a better user experience for their visitors. As a result, they recognized the value in investing in external resources to support their internal design team.