What to Do with This Gorgeous Yarn?

For my birthday this year, I was the lucky recipient of six gorgeous hanks of delicious, squishous Malabrigo Sock yarn (two each of three separate colorways). I have worked with Malabrigo yarns a couple of times before and have been itching to get my hands on the Sock for years. Now that I have, I simply have one problem: what do I want to make with these beauties!?

As you can see, I’ve already given this a LOT of thought:

Photo of bright pink sock yarn by Malabrigo - colorway name Light of Love

Light of Love

Light of Love is a super girly hot pink – I think I’ll be using it for something fun for Home Slice. Possibly add it to some other of her favorite colors and make this adorable ruffled skirt?

Photo of Balletto project by Ravelry user ejsufka
How precious is this? {Photo © ejsufka on Ravelry}

Another option is to make a pair of badass socks, but poking around Ravelry long enough has told me that Malabrigo Sock is not durable enough to actually use for socks.

Lastly, I could make something fun, like this split-back tank and just embrace the super hot-pink-girliness of the yarn for myself. Am I that brave/girly, though? Plus, would it even make sense to make something like this out of merino wool? Likely not.

Photo of Knit Picks knitting pattern Split Back Tank
I mean, this is cute but in hot pink it would be a STATEMENT. {Photo © Knit Picks}

I could definitely use some suggestions on what to make with this fun pink!

Photo of Malabrigo yarn in purple and orange colorway named Archangel


I see Archangel, I think cardigan. I’ve had the Shifting Sands cardigan in the back of my mind for a while now. Could now be the time to give it a go?

Photo of Shifting Sands cardigan
Something about the color palette brought me straight to Shifting Sands first. {Photo © uncia on Ravelry}

I’ve had Ecuador there, too.

Photo of Ecuador cardigan
It IS designed for a variegated yarn! {Photo © jojilocat on Ravelry}

I know I want something short-sleeved that will show off the beautiful color palette of the yarn. I think right now I’m leaning toward Ecuador for this one, but tomorrow I’m sure my mind will shift back to the Shifting Sands.

Photo of Malabrigo yarn in blue and green coloway named Caribeño


Caribeño has taken the most time to plan out. The colorway screams for something summery, and a wrap (yet another wrap!) would be perfect to bring a splash of color to any season. Plus, I have it in my mind that I want to do something that says “ocean” with the final product.

Castra has the benefit of being done up in a similar colorway (so I can see roughly what it would look like), and the construction of it makes me think it would play so well with the highly variegated colorway.

Photo of knit shawl pattern Castra
The fact that the pattern’s sample is also in variegated blue definitely helps. {Photo © acasalena_crafted on Ravelry}

Despite the known awesome of Castra, I absolutely love the idea of taking Current from the Knitting the Beach collection. This one is definitely harder to envision, though, and runs the risk of getting too busy. The author’s website says her entire collection was designed to work with highly variegated yarns, but still.

Photo of Current knit shawl
This could either end up looking totally awesome or totally like a hot mess. {Photo © Kephren Pritchett on Ravelry}

And then there’s Artesian, which is just so simply lovely that I know the colors would take center stage.

Photo of Artesian knit shawl
Hard to argue with the simple beauty of this pattern. {Photo © Romi on Ravelry}

What a problem to have – gorgeous yarn and so many choices! Help me out, leave a comment with your favorite ideas for these beautiful yarns.

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