Jenn Soloway Headshot

Hi, I’m Jenn. I design things—obsessively.

Websites, brand identities, scrapbook pages, organization solutions for my kids’ ever-growing collection of toys—my family will attest that it’s damn near impossible to pull me away from some sort of design project. For me, the solution to life’s problems can be found in good design.

Based in Raleigh, NC by way of “Not Boston,” MA, I’ve been living and working in the Triangle for over 10 years in web design, web development and print. I am also an advocate for designers to write their own markup. Design—whether digitally interactive or printed on the page—should solve a problem seamlessly and provide a simple, effortless user experience.

“Almost southern?”

After earning my BFA in Visual Communications at Endicott College, I pulled up my “Masshole” roots and replanted them in North Carolina. I’ve been a web designer, a freelance designer and web developer, an art director, and an aspiring Etsy entrepreneur. Two constants define my life and my career:

  1. I can’t live without design.
  2.  I’ve got to be outside.

Since the Northeast is pretty much frozen over for about half the year, a move south was in order to make the second possible!

Currently, I’m using my full suite of skills both for growing my happyPix line and as a contractor for Strategic Insights Brand Marketing. When not designing, I’m happily raising my family to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and photographing pretty much every second of it.

Let’s get in touch.

Interested in contacting me? Please do! I’d love to grab a coffee and chat. Especially if there’s coffee. {jenn@jennsuzhoy.com}